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I am a graphic artist and owner of TV Graphics, specialising in creating cool adverts and posters. I'm a social media infiltrator. I love to sing and am the Music director for Unichord , a barbershop a' cappella harmony chorus. I’m a husband and dad and have a wonderful family.

I love pretty things like art, design, good photography and good music. 
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I love the internet, gadgets, and flight simulator.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Graphic Design in Randburg

If you have found this blog site on your mobile phone. Well, done. I hope it's easy to read and quick to load.
My name is Tony Vink and I am the owner of TV Graphics - a graphic and advertising design agency based in Randburg. In fact my home office is in Cresta. The work I do is mainly for small businesses who are looking for some help with their company image and with their advertising efforts in print and online.
My background is in Billboard Poster design which I have done for over 12 years. I also do a lot of photography and painting. My latest addition in creativity is to create mosaic pieces around the house. My latest being the front of two steps leading toward the pool.
This blog will hopefully showcase a lot of my actual work that I do for clients. Perhaps you'll see something that resonates with you and maybe I'll be able to do some work for you.
For now see my mosaic work.
First step - done, (grouting to do still)

Close up view of my Mosaic before applying it to the step.